Therapy and Life Skills Services for Reading-Berks 

Individual Therapy


Children and teens meet with our staff individual, with regular parent updates and education included. Individual therapy is an appropriate place to address challenges that interfere with school, other people, and general well-being. We will ask children and teens between sessions to complete activities, not paper-and-pencil activities, with family and friends to enhance progress in therapy. We provide therapy and evaluation to clients from the Reading-Berks area as well as neighboring counties.


Adults meet with our staff and participate in a collaborative process wherein  a unique confidential helping relationship is created between you and your therapist. Your therapist will serve as your facilitator to help you better understand your relationship to the world around you. Your therapist will provide expertise on human behavior while you will be the expert on yourself and your experiences. Together, you and your therapist will explore your feelings, behaviors in relationship with others, choices and decisions, and current life situation.

Family Therapy

This service is offer in addition to individual therapy although there are times where family therapy is provided alone. With children and teens, this can be a great way for parents to learn and reinforce their child's new behaviors and skills.

Relationship/Marriage Therapy

Today, almost 50% of marriages end in divorce. Even worse are the number of committed relationships that are in emotional divorce. Relationships are tormented by communication difficulties, temper/anger management problems, dependency, broken trust/jealousy, painful pasts, cheating/adultery, stress/anxiety, overburdened schedules. Also, worrying about the uncertainty of the future of the relationship can also increase difficulties. We know how hard it can be to call someone for help. We congratulate you for getting to the place of scoping out our website and considering a call. We encourage you to call us to begin making changes in your relationship. In therapy with us, you will receive the support you need in a supportive, respectful, confidential relationship. We will work with you and your partner to help you find the help, care, motivation and/or information needed to help your relationship grow.

Life Skills Coaching

Stress and Anxiety 

We all hold so many roles now. We try to balance a life that seems to be steam-rolling ahead. And we are just trying to keep up, hang on. Controlling it, managing it, even stopping to breathe can sometimes seem like an impossible goal. We develop stress, anxiety, even become depressed, just from trying. From feeling like we are failing. Problems, issues build because we don’t have the time, or make the time, to deal with them. They compound. As a daughter, sister, aunt, friend, significant other, counselor, coach, leader, volunteer, I have felt the pull from many different directions, the feeling of having too many balls in the air and the fear that one, or more, may drop. There are, however, successful ways of dealing with such stress and anxiety. To begin living a life more balanced. To feel you can breathe.  Let’s talk. So that you feel like you can breath again.


Sometimes its way too easy to get lost in our own head. We can hear the criticisms, the judgements we think others are making of us as if their voice is in our mind. And that’s what we believe others think of us.  Sometimes are own thoughts, our own judgments are even harsher.  We can only see our flaws, while all we see in others are their accomplishments; we see others and believe they have it all together, while we tell ourselves we can’t keep anything together. Do you want peace from the noise? To feel comfortable in your own skin? Do you want to like yourself again? Lets work together - I can coach you on the tools you need, and how to use them, to accomplish just that.

Joy in Life

Many of us have found ourselves just getting through our day. We get up to start our day; work, whether in the workplace or at home; take care of home; and then we try for sleep, only to get up and start the cycle all over again. We’re stressed. And we’re so busy. Too busy to consider where our life is going. We only know its not where we thought it would be. What happened to enjoying life? It takes a change of mindset, a shift in perspective. It takes a concerted effort, but we can find joy again.

Career Counselor

Deciding what you want to do for “the rest of your life” is a daunting task, a daunting responsibility. To make that decision around 18 years old, after coming out of our school system and the way it is designed, can be so difficult. Its not only difficult, it can be an expensive decision too.  Even well after 18, we may be faced with career decisions. Maybe we’re just entering the workforce, or re-entering it. Maybe we are unemployed for whatever reason and  have to start anew. Or we are disenchanted with our current career and want to start anew. There are ways to piece together the puzzle of your professional life, to discover what you are designed to do, so that your career can be fulfilling.

Psychological Assessment/Evaluation

Psychological testing helps answer questions about children's and adult's intellectual, cognitive, behavioral, and emotional ways of functioning in the world. This is a unique, personal approach that provides in-depth answers to clarify diagnosis and provide treatment recommendations.


Groups are goal-driven rather than topic or diagnosis driven. Even children and adults with no diagnosis can benefit from group support.  Some people use group as an addition to individual therapy or coaching. Many people find they benefit greatly from the combination of therapist and peer feedback that is delivered in a group setting.

Career Counseling

Whether your job is in crisis or you just want to improve on a good thing, our staff can support you. No matter how stuck you might feel you are in your career, no matter what your job situation--you can find work that is meaningful, that is lucrative, and provides the quality of life you want. This service can also help teens determine a good career direction that suits their unique talents and skills. Our professionally trained staff will help you map out your interests and skills, assess your values and personality, explore lucrative and exciting career opportunities, and prepare you to get the job you want. 

Telephone Support

Due to increasing client demand and busy lifestyles, we now offer phone therapy and phone life coaching services. Telephone support might be a good choice if have a busy schedule, would prefer the comfort of your home to the therapy office, are unable to leave home, travel often, or live too far from our offices but want to see a member of our team. Our staff are highly trained to provide telephone services with the same attention to quality and excellence, and client-focused care that clients receive in-person.


Dr. Heidi is available to provide supervision services to therapists-in-training who need supervision to meet master or doctoral course requirements. 

Research and Statistical Support/Consultation

Are you in the midst of a master's theses project or doctoral dissertation and feeling stuck or just need some overall guidance? If so, Dr. Heidi has many years of experience completing research and evaluation activities. She is one of those rare individuals who understands and enjoys research design, study completion and statistics. She will give you balanced recommendations and help you stay motivated to complete your task.

Speaking, Lectures, and Trainings

Please contact Dr. Heidi directly to discuss areas of expertise for speaking, lectures, and trainings. Given her many years of experience as a practitioner and researcher, she has a broad repertoire of topics that participants find useful and engaging.