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Testimonial from a mother...

"As a parent, I was unsure who to turn to for help for my teenage daughter. I was worried and felt shut out and helpless. Dr. Heidi quickly developed a rapport with my daughter. Her abundance of compassion, sincerity, and understanding is a perfect compliment to her frank and insightful feedback and directives. And knowing just when the time was right, she included me in the process of my daughter's healing. Empowerment and confidence soon replaced fear for both me and my daughter. We will always be grateful for her guidance through these rough times."

Susan M. Zeamer J.D.

Life Skills Coach & Career Counselor

​A Little About Me and What’s Led Me to Coaching/Counseling:

I started my educational career at Penn State University as a psychology major with an emphasis on victimology and criminal justice/criminal behavior. I graduated with a B.S.

in Psychology. Following graduation, I became certified as a rape counselor for the
YWCA and began an internship in the Lancaster County District Attorney’s child sex
offense unit. These experiences made me compassionate and developed the strength
to walk into people’s lives, when most were afraid to open that door, and talk to them at
and through what they felt may be their worst moments. I learned through this time that
we all struggle, that the human spirit is resilient, and that everyone can use someone to
come along side them, walk with them, and provide hope and clarity.

I resumed my educational career by attending the Duquesne University School of Law.
Continuing my love for counseling, I chaired the Alternative Dispute Resolution/Client
Counseling Board, which focused on how to best counsel your client as well as talking
through disputes as opposed to simply litigating them. I graduated with a Juris
Doctorate, passed the Pennsylvania Bar Exam, and began my legal practice with the
Pennsylvania Governor’s Office of General Counsel assigned to the Board of Probation
and Parole. Here I tied my love for justice, serving victims, and counseling together. I
worked with the Sex Offender Assessment Board and the Office of the Victim Advocate,
as well as provided counsel to the Board, the Board’s Hearing Examiners, and Parole
Agents. I entered into private practice three years later. Approximately ten years later, I
left the firm setting and went into practice for myself.

Over the course of my 15-year legal career, much of my time and focus has been spent
on counseling my clients, helping them to solve what turn out to be their most stressful
moments and problems. I learned to counsel the person and not just the problem,
dealing with their stress and anxiety not just their legal issues. Motivated by a desire to
help folks, I sought opportunities to further develop my personal coaching and
counseling skills at and through my church. As part of the Care Ministry, I serve on the
Benevolence Team, coaching folks on their financial issues, but also counseling them
on the underlying issues that may have impacted or caused the financial stress. I have
also coached Life Group (small group) leaders, coaching them in how to best handle
personality conflicts, leadership issues, and problems they themselves or their small
group members may be experiencing and need help working through. All of these
experiences have made me a better listener, problem-solver, and counselor. 

If you would like to see a glimpse of my resume, please click here.

Meet the Team

Heidi Ramsbottom PhD. 

Licensed Psychologist and Founder

Dr. Heidi has worked for over 20 years with children, adolescents, parents, families and adults of all ages. Her favorite memories are of the women and many children that she has gotten to know - extraordinary people that have shared their stories. She personally knows the demands of many roles. Over the years, she has worn many hats - wife, mom, student, therapist, researcher, friend, and community volunteer. In busier years, her friends would question how she accomplished what she did…and there were many days where she had more than her share of apprehension and fear. She knows how hard it can get when things don't fall into place exactly as we'd like or when the demands of one of our roles pull us in a new direction. It can be really challenging! When she grew weary and frustrated in completing her responsibilities, she started studying up on how to do it better. She read endless volumes, participated in therapy, and sought the wisdom of others. She learned a lot about how to manage things better - wisdom that has helped her stay peaceful and satisfied with her life. This has also helped those who join her in therapy. 

​She looks forward to hearing about you and the many hats that you wear. It would be an honor to help you! Please don't let another day pass without calling!