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Have you or your child been struggling? Have the challenges of life been making things hard? Perhaps while you have been in the process of fulfilling your life goals, you have started to lose track of your own needs. Or maybe your child is feeling down or struggling with the demands of school and feels off course. Are you (or your child) starting to feel endless irritation, a desire to be alone, relationship troubles, or problems with bullies? Is there endless worry about the state of school, work, or marriage?

Fortunately, you do NOT have to figure all this out on your own.

There is a way for you to address your (or your child's) concerns in an environment that feels safe and non-judgmental. Imagine how good you will feel when you develop and master skills that can positively impact how you feel. We know how demanding life can be and we want to help.

We offer comprehensive therapy and life skills coaching services to support your needs. We help children, teens, parents, men and women. It is our passion to serve people who are looking for ways to improve and feel satisfied with life. We also offer exclusive services for toddlers, preschoolers, children, teens and their families. We provide therapy and evaluation in Reading but serve clients from a wide region.

We are committed to planting the seeds of support, hope and renewal.


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